Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"

Good short clip

Yea like other people i didnt really get the story but i enjoyed the art work it was pertty dark i thought like it was going 2 be scary but it wasnt lol.


It was verry nice to watch, but dont get the story i think.
the kid dreamd that he was in santas sled and then it wasnt real
and they feld down, or somthing :-p
why would a kid dream somthing like that?

i dont know wtf....

i dont really know what was going on but the art work was brilliant

and i think i nearly cried

Esn responds:

The first part is in the description: "It is about a young boy who dreams of journeying in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve."

As he's marveling at the sights (in his dream), Santa's hat is blown off by the wind and lands near him. So the boy turns around to give it back to Santa and gets a good look at him for the first time, only to see Santa's beard also blown off by the wind, and Santa revealed to be a lifeless straw scarecrow with button eyes. At this point, the dream turns into a nightmare and the reindeer fly off, leaving the sleigh to fall to the ground. Then (back in the real world), a shadow falls over the sleeping boy, a hand with a Santa-like sleeve pulls up his blanket, gently pats his hair, and then leaves. The boy wakes up and sits up, only to see a departing shadow at his door. The cat on the couch turns its ears at the sound of footsteps, but doesn't open its eyes. Then we see the presents left under the tree, and the hand that may belong to Santa takes a cookie from the table that was left for him.

Hope that helped.

:D :D :D :D :D yea!

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Very sweet

They looked like pastel drawings :) I enjoyed that. Very good job.