Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"

Very Film Board Of Canada looking!

I liked it but the look was the strong point. The animation could use work as could the sound and story, but good to finally see an anim from you my friend!

Esn responds:

Thanks for the review, though some more specific pointers about what you thought needed work would've been nice. "Animation", "sound", "story" are pretty vague words.

(oh, and you can rate it lower than 10... I won't mind)

too dark

It has nice drawings, and it's a decent flash in all, but I had to adjust my monitors brightness to its full (and the contrast too) to see it porperly and that makes it less enjoyable.

Esn responds:

Like I said, don't watch it if the sun's still up. The light reflects off the monitor and the colours get washed out. If the monitor's in darkness or dim light, the colours are bright enough.


really nice work! I saw your review of snowbot so I came to check out your flash, really nicely done! cool mood, i like how its dark and gloomy yet with nice music and it goes on to becoming cosy and so...
its funny because i got my sister a wacom tablet for xmas and we've been playing with artrage which comes with it. really good job mixing the paintings into the flash

good luck to you too on the contest hehe

Esn responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. The version of ArtRage that you got with your tablet is probably not the full version, but a limited one called "Ink Art" (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

Although I managed to create some nice paintings even with the free version which only has one layer, using the mouse. It's a great little program that's full of surprises.

Maybe I should've mentioned somewhere that the tablet I used was a PF1209-PRO. It's Chinese-made and not as good quality as the Wacoms, but the features are almost as nice and the price is much more affordable (though they sell it now for $100 more than when I bought it). It's served me well over the past year and a half, anyway.

I don' write Reviews often

But this was very well done, well written, and very well drawn. Please continue to make flash like this one, I would be pleased to see them. As majgamer said it is not childish or profaine and I believe that it is perfect work for the season it was created for. Though I'd like to see you whip something up for Halloween as well because you can do a lot with this type of animation. Keep up the good work!

Esn responds:

Paradoxically, I like Halloween but I hate horror movies. So I can't promise anything for that particular holiday, I'm afraid, at least not until I figure out why I like one thing but not the other.

this is...

this is by far one of the best videos of all time, if not THE best. the art is superb, the mood was awesome, and everything else was just perfect! so i give this a perfect 10 and two thumbs WAY up, lol