Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"


a very lovely tale!


This flash was excellent. The drawings were excellent and the audio was just as good. It seems to me that you have created a work of art with this flash. Great job don't change a thing.

Really great.

Good animation, excellent drawings, and I just loved that you put Vivaldi's "Winter" in it.

Esn responds:

No Vivaldi here, just something by a wonderful composer right here on Newgrounds: MJTTOMB.

I love this kind of material

I love this kind of material wich focuses on atmosphere and setting etc.
I also LOVED the art style and it was really well put into flash.
The music fitted right in aswell.

Loved it

Esn responds:


jingle orches jingle orches all the way

well i got to tell you it,s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))