Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"


its wierd but good...nice job dude

I liked it a lot

I'm not sure how you animated it, but I could tell it takes a lot of effort. Very well done.

Esn responds:

The artwork was drawn in ArtRage, and the images were saved either as GIFs (to save space without losing quality - mostly the backgrounds), or as PNGs (where transparency was needed around the edges of the image, such as the reindeer). It was animated in Flash by importing all the images into the library and making them into movieclips, and moving them around either with tweens or frame-by-frame modification.

Send me a PM if something's unclear.


that was nice the animation was good i liked it


Great artwork, good choice of music for the tone, and interesting story. I'd really like to see more submissions done in this style.
On a side note, people don't seem to understand the story or get why a kid would dream that. But I mean, unless you're lucid dreaming, how often do you tell your subconscious "yo man, cut that shii out! i want to have a regular sleigh ride with santa, wtf!"


That was very sweet...i don't think it's too soft-toned for NG, it's probably the kind of thing people should get more exposure to.
It seemed rather like an adaption of the myth of Phaethon only with a happy ending.

Esn responds:

Hmm, I've never read that myth. Greek myths are a bit of a blind spot in my education...

Thanks for the review.