Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"

This reminds me of

a animated movie i saw in my youth called "The Snowman" . Which had the same drawing style but was done by frame by frame animation. It also had the same touching feeling to it, though the snowmas made me cry. If u ever see the snowman, give it a watch, its worth it.

The endig made me lol, cuz it was so genious

Keep up the good work :)


this is one of the only serious shorts on newgrounds congratulations.


has the best artwork i every seen on this site no crude humor no immautreity no curesing or anything seems it may be the only Christmas flash that is likes this congrats and i will now 5 you and heres your 10


This is.. by far, the best artwork in a flash I've ever seen!
Very calm as well, no crude humor or anything, just a nice & short flash!
How could I not give this a 5\5 and a 10\10?

Esn responds:

Thank you!


I've got to to say that was absolutely amazing. The artwork was a nice change of pace from the every day flash cartoons.