Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"

=) Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! very nice animation, the softness made it all the better. I have to say, the scarecrow was a bit scary if you really think about it. The ending made it all better.


it twas very artistic and very beautiful i like 10/10 5/5


that was epic I must say. Great colours and animation.

Beautiful animation

It may not be a very complete story, but there's something very nice about this film

Great Piece of work!

Aight, so some people didn't like how you rendered the artwork. I did! It reminded my of some older TV shorts, like some of the art on Seseme Street when I was a kid. I think the story was pretty well layed out, except you should have done some resolution in the kids dream as well, like the reindeer sunddenly coming back and the sleigh flying again or something. As for the animation, there were good parts and bad parts. You used a fade efect ina some parts and then a kinda solid and definitive in others, and that just left things a little off. You probably should have also animated santas hand a little more too. But all in all, great work.

Esn responds:

The resolution to the story in the dream happens outside of the dream, after he wakes up. I can't really imagine it happening in another way, at least not within the strict time limit set by the music.