Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"


that is beautiful!
i constantly want to see more painted -like animations and i think it really helped the christmas mood. loved the shot of the tree and the lights.

very nice. i liked the animation because it reminded me of puppets telling a story

pretty good

Pretty good, though soft toned. The animation however, could be better, especially when blinking. The music was good, but the graphics were a little weird for me, with painted pictures

Charming and fresh. Like a Christmas card.

That was great work and for your first longish attempt I think it's impressive. The choice of music was spot-on. While visually not my style I thought the sparseness of the action and animation was well thought out and dramatically balanced.

Which on Newgrounds is a rare feat. Too many animators go for technical mastery or violence and fart jokes. Your piece is a refreshing change from the ordinary.

Keep it up! Can we expect more in the coming year?

Esn responds:

It's not just my first "longish attempt", it's the first film I've finished, long or not. :p

I'm currently working on "Asturias Collab" on NGCollabs, so that's my next project.

Ignore the blamers.

It's not suited for newgrounds but nonetheless it's good, better then some of the stuff there guys like >_>

We may have our winner!

This was flawless artwork, true to the Christmas spirit. If this doesn't place at the end of the Winter Flash-Off, I will be VERY surprised. Well done, and good luck!