Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"

Well done

I totally understood what you meant with that flash. I see some reviewer didn't understand a shit, I think that's because english is not their native langage like me and they didn't understood well, or they're english-speaking retard.
Anyway good flash.


Hey! Don't listen to those who want explanation... I fully understood what this movie was about, thugh I'm Hungarian. Sometimes I feel like this, but in the end I manage to think up better or more innovative things than before. Maybe this is a bit too deep for others out there... If they don't understand, maybe they leak something to reach beyond their level...

It made me think.

Very intersting, had to watch it again to beable to follow the dialoge, not offen do i see something that sparks the mind rathert then dulls it on NG.

Great illustration

And I like the conclusion. "All you can really do is wait that it gets boiled" (or something like that)

Alienslushie: Read the description. You have his angle right there.

very smart

i really enjoyed this, i don;t usually check out the flash videos, but this one intrigued me and im glad that it did, it was very well put together and it was all around great. How come this always happens the the experiments that I watch?