Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


This is a pretty cool animation, reminds me of the beginning of shows like The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside


That was beautiful! Marvelous animation, great idea, awesome artwork! I'd love to see more like this, but absolutely fantastic!

5/5, 10/10

Size issues?

Love the concept so yeah ace on that. Your comment talked about how u had size issues.

This is most likely because of your sound files. To compress them, when you export click the option "overide sound settings" then click the "set" buttons for your stream or event sounds that you use, and fiddle with the quality settings( making them lower) until you get a good size to sound quality ratio.

Hope that helped :) good job tho. I dont care about the file size if that makes u feel better lol

Great voice and visuals

Definitely the most original thing to be submitted to Newgrounds I've seen in at least a year. Fantastic content and presentation. I think the indirectness of the entire thing was very elegant. Chances are that those people who enjoy this can all relate to it. Sticking with no expressed emotions was a good idea.