Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


was that After Effects, because I remember using that program.


As allways. A wonderfull tought through piece that takes you on a trip. timed to perfection, sound is great quality great too. and the graphics are just stunning (this for the obligatory art critique) Fierras, you're really one of the better artists on NG and i hope you'll submit many more. btw when are you finishing your studies at ST Lukas? and about your hesitating to submitting this to NG ... i know this is maybe not the ideal place to upload it but then again... you make people know there is more to do in animation as just the ordinary things. i really wish more artists would follow your example.



Fierras responds:

Hey Nimmer, bedankt voor de review, echt leuk om te horen dat mensen zulke animaties apprecieren
hier op NG.
This year i'l be doing my master at Sint-Lukas. I'm planning on splitting it in two years so that I have more time to try out some things and do some research. Next schoolyear i'l probably be more active on NG and post some more journals about what i'm up to.


Well enjoyed

I'm a fan of clips that don't necessarily have a "point." The small snipits that make you think. This sort of reminded me of the movie "Pi." Or the beginning to a strange and wonderful movie.

I think you've done a wonderful job here.

i think i git it

ur talking about ideas

Umm Ok...

Now I know that this was an experiment in techniques...however there's really no point or plot behind the animation. Its like some sort of French neuar film, (I know I spelled it wrong), that makes me want to club someone.

This could be an interesting animation if there were a story of some sort, the stylization of the animation could lend itself toward being a "Pan's Laberynth" sort of animation with quasi-realism mixed in.

I will say that your work is interesting...but lacks any sort of story or theme and is more of a vague comentary.

I would suggest picking up a film like "Pan's Laberynth" or the "Mirror Mask". These films could help give you some ideas for direction and even story for future submissions and allow you to mix media for the animation to lend to it.

I'm not going to give it a very high rating because of the lack of story and direction.

Fierras responds:

there is a difference between narrative and experimental. there is no point in talking about plot.
Is there a plot when you're thinking or does your mind run free? I've seen pan's labyrint btw (narrative)

in my opinion I think you rated this the wrong way. wanting to rate this because it doesn't go from A to B is like rating it because it's not a comedy or parody