Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"

i must be stupid

Nice movie I don't get it but it is awesome.

This is really good!

It deserves ten stars and my review. Reason? i dont feel like theres any point when i review an action flash or a super violent stick flash cause theres no meaning to it. But this is deep and its different. Different is good.

Butiful (i know i spelled butiful wrong.....)

this is well as i said above butiful

this is something people can learn from actually

I enjoyed the effects and the expression of how an idea is formed and grows it was really nice, moreover I actually took something valuable away from this. The idea that has been hounding me for awhile not to get so hung up on other peoples opinions and not to let one little comment ruin your whole creative process I suppose is what I am trying to say.

It was enjoyable so here is your praise


thats quite good and all but are u related 2 jenifer lopes?