Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


This seems like a great start to a documentary on thought and ideas. Perhaps you could create a series.

Hard-Boiled Review

That was an interesting animation. There were some cool visuals, like the giraffe, and the the two hard boiled eggs samshing together. It was a pretty cool idea, the end with the remote was interesting too. Overall, a good experimental flash.


~ Z


It's a lot like when you get the idea of a riff on the guitar, but you don't have in front of view, so you come back later, and it escapes your mind. You try so hard to remember that friggin' catchy idea of a riff, but you just can't.

Dig it.. majorly!


A mature flash! Loved the detail.

My only gripe is that it's a little on the short side - like I've seen an intro movie, not a movie in itself.

Great movie though! It's a welcome respite from the clutter that litters Newgrounds.

pretty cool...

it gives me frickin goosebumps, its pretty cool, awsome job man, awsome job