Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"

Very nice

You know, I was reading the other reviews and I really find it ironic, that in the animation you say that it's already being done, and somebody told you that you copied it.

But instead I really find it brilliant.
And very imaginative. I loved the popcorn thing =P
I would love to se more of your work, because I'm sure it would be awesome ^.-

My review

It was brilliant I liked it well done... :)


Very interesting, I enjoyed watching the animation, reminds me of those documentaries on television that delve into the human mind.

Keep it up!

Hm...makes you think.

Is our lives nothing but endless concepts that are forced to revert only because of human ideals...just a thought!


anything but crap or dull.

usually, I'm pretty understanding of why some people look at an animation like this and think that it's boring or crappy. not so, in this case. this, unlike a lot of other flash movies I see on here, is really quite engaging and thought-provoking.

and then there's the animation style. absolutely impressive work. :)