Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


i think i get it idears are like cooking for a fussy mother in law

im i right???

good ani and i like it that its differerent fom all the others


Animation was good, but the idea was crap. You did a good job turning crap into this though, so 7/3.

Finally somthing remotely diffrent!

This thing blew my mind! Very interesting work you have here!


i really enjoyed this different approach to animation and i think it's a breath o fresh air here at NG. Very artistical and intelligent this deserves my 5!

I hope to see more!


It's like an instructional after school special for the psychedelically existential musings of some in the midst of "mind expansion" if you know what I mean.

It's weird, sorry, "experimental", but not bad. I liked it, it was enjoyable. Kind of like a mis between "What the %#$& Do We Know" and the short animation explaining western economy my History teacher showed me in the 8th grade.

This was cool, great job. Oh and TomaMoto has a great speaking voice, no? He was a nice touch.