Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


Whether it was supposed to be some sort of parody or whether it was meant seriously, I don't care. I thought it was a unique and somewhat interesting film.



i liked it but the narrotors voice was kind on annoying. His voice was like too naisaly

didnt understand all f the video x3

i only got that he had an idea and asdasdasd xD
but the animation was cool :) im going to watch this again and pay more attention xP
but for now, cuz ive to go
ill give an 8/10 and a 5/5

Yeah, its hard isn't it? But your just at the tip

Because you've just discovered 'Peer' oppression, and all that entails. So off you go to figuring out why! So much fun, so little time!

But if it helps, there isn't anything wrong with doing something that has already been done. There is also nothing wrong with failing! You ARE BETTER IF YOU START AND FINISH ANYTHING compared to the people who are oppressed and have never even start something at all. So there is your 10 to know the next time you have an idea there will be people will like it.

Yeah dude

I hate that I'll get a good idea then I'll find out like a couple days later it has already been done. Like I had an idea for a towel that had two differant color sides, one that said butt and one said face, so that you don't use your butt side to wipe your face but then I saw it in a magazine already I was so pissed.