Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"

unique style

Very great art. It's such an "unique" style with a nice philosophic message. Great stuff :] Thank you

That was interesting

Much more so than most of the stuff posted here. The popcorn was a nice touch. As was the egg collision. As was the rest of the video. Good job!

pretty interesting stuff

cool look at ideas and brainstorming. nice job! the narration kind of sounds like ray liottas in 'Goodfellas' lol

:D it was so cool

u had my full attention all the time. life totally makes sense now. lol
nice job dude.

This ain't flash...

Ain't NG about Flash? This ain't flash, this is taped and pasted. Anyhow good movie, I guess. I liked it nonetheless.

Fierras responds:

The same could be said about claymation...