Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"

Boom Baby!

Hey, I like the message you are conveying with this song and I think you kicked some ass while doing it!

You got some sick rhythms, sweet solos, and the strings only seal the fuckin' deal! Keep it up man!

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it. Check out my website for more awesome music ;D

This is some awesome shit!

Defiantly downloading, this song is AWESOME dude!

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! I wish NG would let me change the info so I can put my website up, but for now I'll post it here: http://www.matthewpablo.com if you'd like to hear more of my stuff!

wow great!

I'm not usually a fan of orchestra's in metal or rock but you you nailed it! great song dude and awesome breakdowns.


damn that drum it awesome. good job!

deadlyfishes responds:

If you liked it so much I'm sure you'd like my other stuff! I do a lot of other styles besides metal. Please check out more of my music on my website: matthewpablo.com

i'm looking for a battle song

and this is just perfect can i use it?

deadlyfishes responds:

Sure! Just credit my audio portal and my website: matthewpablo.com