Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"

Hell Yeah

This is really great music.

You did one hell of a job

deadlyfishes responds:

Thanks! If you want to hear more of my music check out my website: matthewpablo.com



Simply perfection

What else is there to say?

deadlyfishes responds:

If you liked it so much I'm sure you'd like my other stuff! I do a lot of other styles besides metal. Please check out more of my music on my website: matthewpablo.com


flawless head banging music.

deadlyfishes responds:

There's more where that came from! On my audio portal and my official website you'll find more awesome stuff like this: matthewpablo.com Thanks for your review!

THIS REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF RED ALERT 2 :D. Dud.. i love you I want to use it in my Intro on Youtube. What should I put so I wouldnt have any copyright problems ?

deadlyfishes responds:

Please read the attribution instructions: