Reviews for "Zero Hour (2011)"

Holy shit!


Everything was so well done. It's conflict, harmony, insanity, and drama all rolled into one fantastic piece of music.

I'm definitely downloading this.

deadlyfishes responds:

Glad you like it! I'm sure there's a lot more of my stuff you would LOVE to hear as well! Thanks again to you and everyone else for making this the #1 Track of all time as of today! If you'd like to hear more of my stuff visit my website here: http://www.matthewpablo.com

holy crap

love it. i downloaded this and i listened to this the whole drive to an airsoft game. got me and my friends pumped up and ready to go
well done

deadlyfishes responds:

I'm glad my music is being put to good use!

lml yea

this is realy cool i love it

continue making this kind of music it sounds very good :D

deadlyfishes responds:

This song was first made in 2006, and I re-made it recently. Since then I've made tons of stuff! Be sure to check out all of my music here: matthewpablo.com


Hell yea a fellow metal lover this is a great song

deadlyfishes responds:

I made it with people who enjoy this kind of music in mind! Please check out my music website here: matthewpablo.com

Loved it!

Nice work man! I can def see the game music influence here, totally something straight from DoA!