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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

The perfect assassin?

Brilliantly done. A bit like a more dramatic and more deadly version of Stranger Than Fiction. That poor guy that sat next to him on the bus.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, it kind've sucked to be him.
Thanks. :}


..Wow. The writing was.. superb. Honestly, I really wasn't expecting this kind of quality from this flash, but you clearly delivered that to me.

The graphics and audio seemed alright to me. It seemed to fit the atmosphere of the composition.

Overall, I liked the idea. If I could give more than 10 stars, you would have it. Bravo.

Masquatto responds:

That's very flattering. :P Thanks for the kind review.

very good!

im half deaf and its hard for me to hear diffrences in sound sometimes in flashes u no, but like with the static and the narrator i understood everyword he said, i like ur flash, it was creative and i hope u make more like this! keep it up!!!

-Split Shanx

Masquatto responds:

Heh, well that's surprising--though good.
Thank you. :P

really liked it

thought everything flowed well and very well organized.i didnt quite understand the ending so what was his point to killing him?

Masquatto responds:

To get rid of the noise that made him feel so angry.
Why did the benefactor want the man to die? Because he was a suspect enemy informant.

Thanks for the 10.

Well written.

I really liked the style of the graphics, nice and simple, even though you say this isn't your best work. The part that I thought was the best above all was the story of it all. It all flowed together really nicely and the narration was pretty good, too. There could be some better narration in some parts, sometimes I simply couldn't hear what the person was saying. Or you could make subtitles for the entire flash, not just for that one scene. This was a really nice flash though, I think you do deserve front page.

Masquatto responds:

If I make another, I'll be sure to include full subtitles.

Thank you. :]