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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


Amazing story, i love the idea and the naration and writing portrayed it greatly. The simple animation got the point across very well, i think it was perfect for your idea of the "normal yet different, average yet unique" you had going with your character, and the animation wasn't even that bad. Absolutely compelling concept, and i can't wait for the sequel!

Masquatto responds:

Thank you, sir.

Very twilight zone...

i liked this, it was definitely deserving of front page. I didnt quite understand the ending though, it seemed a bit rushed, and i wish it would elaborate a little bit more but thats okay.

Masquatto responds:

I'm considering making a prequel. That might help you out a bit, heh.



You should make more; this has potential(more than your clock animations X{D)

Masquatto responds:

Haha, yeah. The clock stuff is for fun and laughs. Serious shorts will probably be humanoid or something, like this.
Thanks for the review. :]


I have to say that I really enjoyed this flash. The visuals are simple, but they do a fine job for your purposes, and are pretty impressive for only two days work.

I enjoyed the writing and narration style quite a bit, it gave the flash an ambiance which was able to surpass the visuals, which considering the contrast between the bright colors in the flash and the dark mood, is impressive.

I'm looking forward to viewing your other flash, so that I can see what you can do with a little bit of time.

Masquatto responds:

Thank you. :]

Lol. To be frank, none of those are up to par with my own standards either.

most impressive

the stroy was very interseting. I was amazed that not enough people have heard of this. So what if the art isn't that good it is about the story which was most impressive.

Masquatto responds:

:P I'm glad you were able to enjoy it for its story.