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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

dude this is deep!! some reptilian NWO level sh*t!! great work. and thanks for using my music...wait wtf, this flash was made in 2007, but I recorded the track in 2011!! nonetheless, great flash lmao

Masquatto responds:

I had to change the audio because I was previously using Miles Davis "So What" for the end song, and NG recently cracked down on copyright music. I liked yours as a replacement--had similar vibes I think. So I opened up the 10-year-old Flash file and made the adjustments! Thanks for the song and the review!

Stellar audio choices and work!

A friend showed this to me on a whim one day, and when I heard the audio of the rain falling against the Moonlight Sonata I was sold. Like previous reviews have said, the vocal audio of "The Benefactor" was a bit sketchy, but the narration was very crisp. You've got a great story reading voice.

The ambient noise was my favorite though. The way the color and it's intensity would change with the frequency and intensity of the noise was a great way to tie the two together and was executed very well.

Can't wait to see a se/prequel!

Masquatto responds:

I'm glad you liked the audio. :D Good thing that the built-in laptop mic didn't bother you. ;]

I was actually worried that people would find the static boring or uncreative. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :}

Let's hope I actually start animating it! XD


I like the style of this flash video alot, as toonedeafmessiah said, the voiceovers mix well with the animation's style. very well done.

Masquatto responds:

At least some people liked the audio. :)


This was some nice piece of animation and storytelling!! Good job sir!

Masquatto responds:

Thank you, sir!


That was good!

Masquatto responds:

Lol. Very long review there.