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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"

really good

others mighten have liked it wasnt really my taste but good show old man and nice storyline

Masquatto responds:

Lol, I don't think I'm _that_ old.

My kind of flash

I always enjoy movies or flashes like that were you don't know if the person is dreaming or if all things really did happen. Reminds me of Jacobs Ladder.

Masquatto responds:

It's one of the few times where I tend to opt for ambiguity. :P

Mark Mark Mark

I must say it was delightful, I cant imagine that was all in a weekend. I think the Supreme Obese Black Woman of Bacon Fatz Land [[approved]]
oh ya and totenips, keys, buy my video games, BANNED, wizard is gay, my name is butt sex, and all other inside jokes!


PS: everyone else reading tbis, Mark and I are friends and none of this is offensive, except maybe butt sex...yumm

Masquatto responds:

Phew. I was waiting for that Approval.

You, sir, get a +1 helpful review.

Thanks for that.

This was a rather scary look into schitzophrenic tendencies, wasn't it? I've never had hallucinations, nor have I felt that my mind was betraying me, except when I've been under heavy chemical influence, such as alcohol or general anesthesia. It's troublesome to me to think that the cohesiveness of our consciousness is so tenuous under the best of circumstances, and some folks have troubles of their own.
When internal stimuli becomes distracting, it's hard to remain rational!

Great flash. The voices are a bit muted, though.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, I've never really taken drugs to that effect or anything. Everything in there's just imaginary for me.
You're lucky the voices were audible at all with the microphone I was using. XD

Thank you.

Really awesome

I loved everything about it. Really strange and entertaining, although the vocals were hard to understand at times. Besides that, it was perfect. I hope you'll continue to post more stuff like this one.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, sorry about that. I was rushed and had to use my laptop's built-in microphone! :-X
Thanks. :P