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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


I never wrote one review or even had an NG account before I watched this flash, but I just had to write a review for this. I loved psychological thrillers and this was very cool. The voice was well done and the story was excellent. The animation was decent. What inspired you to create this? Im curious.

Masquatto responds:

Haha, wow. I didn't think it'd be that significant for anyone. :P

Nothing in particular. We were prompted to make a movie about pretty much anything, and I thought it'd be a good chance to let others think of the strange things I sometimes think about.

well done

good work i really enjoyed it i thought it was great!

Masquatto responds:


Nicely Done

Very well done, I think the animation was actually fairly nice; uncluttered, smooth, and recognizable (3 things that are more important than detail or realism, at least in shorts). Maybe you should do other "missions" he is sent on, almost a "Borne-ish" series.

PS: It doesn't seem so hard to understand to me, I'm surprised some people didn't get it. A man was kidnapped by some entity (individual, organization, etc.), and conditioned for one purpose: to kill a man who is an enemy of the entity who kidnapped Walter.

Masquatto responds:

Yeah, something like that might work.

Lol. I think *most* people got that, hopefully. :P


I want to know what the purpose was,

Masquatto responds:

Thanks for the review.

I pretty much answered that in my response to CaptinChu, so look at that. :]

This is very good.

Whether it was all a dream or not, and a subconscious scenario was presented based on a person he had seen on the bus before on another day, that idea is a bit odd to me. I'm not sure exactly whether what happened was a dream or not; could you please clarify that for me?

Auditory input is not the best way to control a person. Assuming that the situation did happen, was a more neurological, deeper thing going on? Was this done on purpose? If so, what purpose did it prove? Ironically, your choice of music is absolutely brilliant. I love it.

Your definition of perfect is a bit off to me. Rather than use the commonly accepted term of "perfect," you decided to use it as "average." I assume that you are talking about the experiment done on Walter Joyce, (again, making the assumption that this was not a dream.) and that "average" is "perfect" for their purposes. For that reason, you do not get "perfect" on your review. :P

Overall, to me, this movie is about the interaction of one person towards community, and how external forces have a huge impact to change that interaction. If you could, please, tell me what this project was made for; what this movie's purpose is for.

Thank you for making this most excellent movie.

Masquatto responds:

It's intentionally ambiguous. There is no definite answer given. ;]

The idea was that the auditory input was different from usual sounds in that it wasn't something consciously comprehensible, but somehow had an effect on the subconscious. If the subconscious can deduce and decide things that the conscious is unaware of, who's to say that there doesn't exist a possibility that such could be taken to the more primal levels of perception and emotion?
Glad ya liked the music.

Perfect means many things to many people. By describing the individual as "perfect," I give him enough relative connotations for the viewer to effectively build him on their own. I didn't have much time to describe Walter, and by using such a powerful word, I give the viewer an image of him they can think about and relate to without having to describe him in detail.
Indeed, the word also has meaning within the context of the movie in that Walter is the perfect candidate for the operation.

The movie is meant to question perception and power on the most fundamental level. If your perception and subconscious reactions affect your decisions, to what extent could manipulation of your senses manipulate your choices? If you don't control your emotions, intelligence, or desires, what are you in control of? Just your tolerance of them? If someone could control those aspects in you, to what extent could they control you as a whole? How abstract is the idea? Is it really abstract at all?
In short, it's supposed to make you think. :P

Thanks. :]