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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


I loved it! I tried to predict the ending, but it toatally twisted in some different pattern! Good job! The whole mind over matter reminded me of the matrix, but with a saw like spin to it!

Masquatto responds:

Hehe. Yeah, it sort've takes a turn at the end. Glad you liked it. :P
Matrix Mixed with Saw? Lol, I guess that describes it.

Cool man

Remeniscent of Nicolas Cage. I can see the full length feature film in my mind. Nice work harry

Masquatto responds:

Nicholas Cage? The actor? You talking about the voice or something? O_o
That'd be amazing. :P
Harry? My name's Mark. :-X

4/5 and 10/10

The VA and graphics were very well suited to the flash. The plot was perfect and the constant noise added a really good effect. You could make a sequel, in the sequel you could have another guy in a different dream and he sees the guy in this one.

Masquatto responds:

10/10 and 4/5? Odd combination, heh.
Thank you. :] I've definitely been considering it.


This was a riveting piece of flash. There have been very few movies even with this kind of psychological work. This was rather enjoyable and i would love to know, are you going to create more flash like this?

Masquatto responds:

Thanks. I wasn't planning on it, but after this, I seem to be getting that requested from me a lot. Maybe I will...

Seriously awesome.

I give this a ten. It was satisfyingly violent, but not overly, and the plot was perfect, and original. The voice set the mood perfectly. The whole thing was perfectly engineered. Brilliant, 10/10, and 5'ed every day, and my faves list.

Masquatto responds:

Hehe. I was worried about the voice, actually. I guess it didn't turn out as bad as I thought.

Oh my. Thank you! :D