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Reviews for "Walter Joyce"


He killed him? He was meant to kill him?

Masquatto responds:

That's the implication, yes.


seemed like a shitty twist on an old twilight zone episode. 1/5 and be happy. visuals sucked and so did the "voice acting" if it can even be called that. nuff said.

Masquatto responds:

Your favorite movie is a sprite fight movie with no voice acting, and you've never submitted anything. I'm *glad* someone like you doesn't like my animation.


Very nice story. I like that very much. Something that quite a few flashes lack lately. It's not always about the visuals :) Thanks for sharing your project!

Masquatto responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked the writing.


very good story, graphics weren't great, but good enough for people to watch it through.

Masquatto responds:

Hehe. That was the goal, really. :P


animations like these are what i love!
Though hard to come by they make my day, i loved the unusual story and though you say the visuals were rushed i think they really worked as a unique style of animation to fit perfectly with a unique story. very classy! :D

Masquatto responds:

Hurray rushed visuals that seem like they're just _supposed_ to look rushed. :D

I'm glad you like it!