Reviews for "Mooble"


This is an awesome game!
It took a while to figure out but once I found out it was fun :D

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This was a pretty challenging puzzle game in my opinion. It took a bit of logic, rather than just skill, like most puzzle games do. The graphics were nice, and the interface was easy to understand and user friendly.

^^Needs Improving^^
Just a suggestion...it would be nice if you could use the guess from the previous guess as the template for the next guess. Would just make things a little less tedious.

jackcole responds:

Do you mean something along the lines of starting guess number 2 with the marbles you chose for guess number 1? Just so the player doesn't have to click through all the colors again?

If that is what you're suggesting, that's an excellent idea. I'll put it on the list of changes :)

took me 3 games but...

i think i eventually understood it. the sound is a little repetative. other than that, flawless


I got first place easily.


OMG it's mastermind® nice :)