Reviews for "Mooble"

one problem

I really like this, but the control leaves a bit to be desired... having to click over and over the cycle colours? :(

Anyway, it's a cool game.

jackcole responds:

Controls/selections were something we had some difficulties figuring out. We played around with some different ideas (like having all 6 marbles available from a selectable area that you would drag to your guesses, etc.) but all the other solutions we came up with seemed too complex... like they were too much additional work for the player. If you have any ideas on a different method I would love to talk to you.

Thanks for the feedback :)

This game is wonderful.

I love this game, its perfectly simple and reasonably challenging.
The graphics where beautfuly polished, I would have liked a little more polish on the text, b ut I really cant think of any colmplaints, its a great concept, that was well executed, good job. ^_^
With your permission I'd like to compile this into a widget for my dashboard.

jackcole responds:

Thanks for the compliments! You can definitely compile this into a widget :) I'll send you a PM.


I actulay quite like it, nice work

wtf is this????

this suicks man just saying the grapics look good the game sucks try better next time

jackcole responds:

What about the game do you not like? Is it just the style of game or is there some specific mechanic of the game you would different or what? I appreciate the feedback, but if you're going to score it a 0, please at least offer some specifics that I can consider addressing in the game if needed.


Very fun game with good graphics. I got it on my third try the second time I played!