Reviews for "Mooble"

Good game, bad marketing

Love the game, it's somewhat challenging, has nice graphics and appealing music and overall is a good casual puzzle. However if you think that I am going to go through trouble of registering an account just to post my score on your site, you just lost someone who will play your game more than once to try and beat the highscore.

jackcole responds:

Fair comment on the registering. A few people have questioned that. The registrations are there to support a community profile type of setup, but we do take comments to heart and based specifically on feedback like this we are already discussing how to change that. We're going to try to implement guest postings as soon as possible. I can't promise it today, but the change is on its way and it will available soon.


Reminds me of something.

I played a game like this when I was a kid. It was called Mastermind. I think my dad has a set in the basement somewhere. It was a really good game otherwise.

YEA 5 trys 2min.21secs! after my second attempt

good game... not too involved and a good logic puzzle.i enjoyed it EXCEPT!!!!!!!! you have to sign up to post your score (which is Extremely lame). other than that great game.

Great Brainteaser.

That was a great piece of work. The only thing that confused me (at first) is that i was under the usumption when you got a white mark or a blue mark i thought it corrosponded with a position on the board. But i evetually convinced myself "It's just 2 white out of all of them"

Something i would like to see added onto the next version would be not only what other reviewers have said.. such as being able to put the same coloured marble on twice but perhaps a difficulty setting? where the higher difficulties would have more places to position the marble, making 5 or 6... or even ultra hard 7!! lol anywayz once again fantstic game, im glad you put in the work to play it because it was worth it. Cheers


Sexy, sleek implementation, fast download, fairly nice music.

The only thing this game is missing is for the timer to stop when an error message pops up.

Otherwise--well done.