Reviews for "Mooble"

A great game!!!

I beat it in 1:39

Challenging and Addicting

It's a pretty simple premise but it's very addicting. You always feel a sense of achievement after cracking the code and you always want to try "just one more" but you'll more than likely spend a lot of time with this game and share it with your friends. It takes some logic and sometimes just luck to crack the code but it's always satisfying.

Graphics: Not much to it, but it's nice to look at. 9/10

Gameplay: Simple and addictive gameplay. 9/10

Sound: Fitting background music that doesn't get annoying or disruptive after extended play. 9/10

Replay Value: Very addictive, but a second mode or type of gameplay wouldn't have hurt. Also, a competitive multiplayer where you and a friend compete to crack your own code first would have been a nice edition. 8/10

Final Score (Not an Average): 9/10

Nice game

great work!

great game

great game challenging but not too easy, keep up the good work.


Damned spiffy.