Reviews for "Mooble"

me likey :-)

its fun :-)

Not bad

Solved in 6 steps in 1:53. I found it pretty fun and it was implemented very well.


Nothing too special, but the classics are always the best. Funny, I always thought the original was harded. Also, two suggestions (adding them may net you a ten if you make a sequel...) 1-In the original, it was fun to mess with peoples mind, and put two of the same colored peg in the solution. If you could make it so the comp does that, the game would be harder, and I might not beat it on my third try in 26 seconds (I am not bragging, I am sure that for true masterminds, this is a pitiful time...) 2-Instead of having to click the hole each and every time to get the desired color, you should make a peg bank to the side, so that you could, say, click the color you want, then click the proper hole, then go back and click another color...and so on and so forth...

Overall, this is a great fun game, and a classic. You still get a nine, so don't complain that I gyped you-okay?


I beat the game, first try, in a minute six seconds, six tries..

I wasnt even trying, games like these are too easy, you should go for making a really-really-hard game.

Easy for at least one person

Don't get me wrong, it was addicting, it just seemed like a good player could be gaurenteed no matter how bad his or her luck, to win the game in much less then ten moves, eight maybe, I'm sure that wasn't the case for the original mastermind, in fact, I think in the original, there were some situation which the game could only be won on luck even if you did everything right that is under your control. Also, it was annoying that you had to make an account to post high scores, so I just didn't bother. I didn't quit till I solved it with four attempts about three times in a row. Plans for a sequel with more options maybe?

jackcole responds:

A seriously good player could get the code correct every time within 5-6 attempts. This was the same way with Mastermind. I've read there are actually algorithms developed specifically to solve it in as few steps as possible.

As for the account for posting, another reviewer mentioned that as well. When we were creating the site originally we had planned on the member profiles evolving into a personalized community space where users could keep all their scores under 1 username, avatars on scoreboards and eventually things like pop-up profiles so other users could see your scores on other games, eventual community/guild scoreboards, etc. In fact, within the next 2 days we are launching the first phase of extended profiles. That all being said, having to register is a valid concern and based specifically on feedback like this we're currently looking at the site and trying to figure out a way to allow people to at least post scores under a common username without having to register for a full-blown profile or supplying an e-mail address, etc.

And yes, based on the initial reation to this game we are already considering a sequel... probably somthing along the lines of increasing the code to 5 or 6 marbles, including a couple additional colors, allowing a single color to appear more than once, etc.

Thanks for the feedback!