Reviews for "Mooble"


not the best game ever it hurts my head but if you a p[uzzle solver lover then this is you game!


I love codebreaker games. But I'm one of those people that take their time. I have to say this is to hard for me to get a decent score. But great game and nice twist on a classic.

jackcole responds:

Honestly, the scores we're seeing are far better than we expected. I thought we might get 1 or 2 in the 15-second range, but it seems you need to get in that range just get in the top 20 nowadays. On a few really lucky games I've gotten around 25-30 seconds but most of my times approach 1 minute.

Ok though.....

Nice game though.

Cheers :)

Great game

Awesome game but I swear it's going to drive me insane. My best so far is 3 turns in 35.26 seconds.

jackcole responds:

35 seconds is a solid time. Some of it is luck based on the first attempt. If you get 2 or 3 in the correct position on your first guess it's a lot easier to get a great score.


I'm not sure if it is a program glitch or if I am losing it but I was playing and had 3 white dots and next step I do 3 colors same 1 change and I have 2 white and 1 blue so than I go back to change the original one I changed back to it's original color and move that color elsewhere assuming it was correct and submit and it was 2 blue dots confused the hell outta me to say the least. Like I said maybe it was just me but the dots seemed to be glitchy. Generally thought simple non-addictive game to waste a couple minutes on.

jackcole responds:

The dots up top don't correspond to any specific position. So if you're first dot is white, all that means it one of your marbles is the correct color in the correct position, not necessarily the first marble.