Reviews for "Mooble"


Loved the game, it's basically the old mastermind board game I had.
Had a look at your responses and can't wait for the next games!


This was a great and very challenging game.
Took me a while to get the hang of it but it made sense when i finally figured it out.
Hope youll be making more like this

Love it

Really challenging
and addicting
looking for something similar.
but maybe the player get to choose the marble in some other way instead of changing by clicking?

Helps mental prowess

Awesome game, a good work out for the brain also. Makes you think while having fun. Will there be any more games like this? If there wil be, the only thing i can suggest would be to add levels or harder modes, like 8 marbles or more.

jackcole responds:

It's been a while since I've been active on Newgrounds. Unfortunately some real work has seriously gotten in the way of taking Big Bomb Games further the past 6 months, but we're finally back on track. Yes, there will be more games like this. Now that we've got some time to put into BBG again we're completing a game we started back in October and looking into which games we're going to develop next (another code breaker style game is on the short list.)

Great game.

Awesome game. I used to play a game similar to this all the time. Great game.