Reviews for "Mooble"


lollll 2min30sec, 6 steps, third time i tried, i lost the first two times... lol im so lucky... could have been a hiscore!

greaaaat game!!

Challenging and addictive!

I'd like to see this on my iPod, hells yeah! Great graphics, I always wonder how people make such great graphics. Are you using Photoshop or something? Nice gameplay as well, but I'd rather like using some other key combination instead of shift-click. right-click would be better, or backspace or something. Nonetheless, great game!

jackcole responds:

We would like to see it on an iPod as well! IF Apple ever puts Flash on the iPhone and iPod Touch we are definitely going to make versions of our game to fit that format. In the meantime we are at least throwing around the idea of making javascript versions to run in Safari on them.

As far as the graphics, probably 95% of our work starts out in Illustrator. Sometimes we'll start out in Photoshop, depending on the type of image we're going for, but since the imagery is going into Flash, we try to keep the designs in vector art. For this Mooble, the interface was built in Illustrator and the marbles started life in Illustrator, but (and this is unusual) we finished them off in Flash as we found the gradient tools in Flash were giving us much better results for the particular look we were going for.


Great graphics, good interface, easy gameplay.

You might have wanted to add a small box allowing the players to just click and drag the marbles over. Would have increased furtherly the interactivity.

9/10 and 5/5 for that one. Keep it up ;)

jackcole responds:

The click-and-drag interface is a great idea. Whenever going into a new game, deciding on the interface is so tough. We bounce tons of ideas around trying to find the one that's the right balance, and it always amazes me when people come up with new interface ideas we didn't think of. This one's going on the list for a future version. Thanks!


This is played with marbles and not pins though.

It is good to have an online version though I must admit. Quite smooth =)

jackcole responds:

Yeah, it's Mastermind :) When we started work on this we did some research to find out where the game originated. The earliest variation we could find was some old English pub game called Bulls and Cows. 'seems it was played as early as the 1800s with pen and paper, then sometime later with dice.

Thanks for the comments.


First try, 4 steps, 1 :01:26 (1 minute 1 seconds). Not a bad game but it's kind of short and there isn't anything else you can do. Don't want to login to enter my highscore, and the game is highly dependant on luck (whether you pick the right marbles)...

jackcole responds:

The login requirement is a fair concern. When we were creating the site originally we had planned on the member profiles evolving into a personalized community space where users could keep all their scores under a single profile with avatars, etc. In fact, within the next 2 days we are launching the first phase of extended profiles to start allowing some personalization. That being said, based feedback like this we're currently looking at the site and trying to figure out a way to allow people to at least post scores under a common username without having to register for a full-blown profile. It will probably still require a username and password but no contact information or anything else.