Reviews for "Mooble"


nice verison of this type of puzzle


quite ok and same as master mind but harder then i tought. a few more clues would be nice


its a kind of that mastermind game...
my record is 2 steps...and that was on my second try xD

Old Memories

I give you a 10.. I love this game...one thing. Make it so that the same color can be used more than once in a row. This was a flash of an old peg game.. Mastermind i believe was the name of it. I played it as a kid. Oh and ElectricOrchid, 1 white mark does not mean marble 1 is in the correct place. it means 1 of the marbles is in the correct place, it's your duty to figure out which one. It's tricky at first, but once you understand how the game keeps track on the marble, then it's simple...

Good job, perhaps some harder versions in the future??

jackcole responds:

Harder version will definitely be a future addition :)

Fun, but

some of the things are confusing. It gives me a white mark, I put that color in the same spot in the next column, and it says it's in the wrong place with the blue mark. Supposed to do this, or...?

jackcole responds:

One other person asked me about this. The white and blue marks do not signify which marbles are correct or not. They only signify that X number of marbles are correct colors and Y are correct colors in correct positions. A white mark in the first corner does not necessarily mean the first marble is correct... only that 'a' marble is correct.

Hope that helps clear it up :)