Reviews for "Mooble"

Great game ! :)

38.96 seconds,three steps.
Great graphics.I love these types of games.Much fun :)


I like this type of game...but there's dozens of them. it's fun finding out a system to figure out what goes where but after that it just comes down to luck. I'm auscord bitch check the leaderboard.

Nice little time waster

i didn't quite understand the game first time, but my second try i got it in 4 tries at 1:09:55, not bad i'd say.

elboom XD

0.59 seconds puzzle solved..

that was easy..

colour 1
colour 2
colour 3
colour 4..

done.. well next i tryed tooked me 3x times in 2minutes and 05seconds
i thought of it.. it is a fun game. but the 4dots are placed rather unlogical for the line up for the colouredballs.. and its get boring after 2 a 3 times..


5 tries 2,00,60 fun game , great graphics