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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Disturbing and awkward

Even though this subject has been run into the ground and beaten with salmon it never ceases to amaze me how someone can bring it back up in a new fashion.

While it can get very frustrating (Don’t select MANY on everything in the “Options” menu), the easy-to-use controls help the player cope with it. While playing the devils advocate, the small glitches make it irritating. Like a baby will be in front of a person you are trying to intimidate, so when you go to click it, it brings up the baby on the bottom display. Also if the person is RIGHT BEHIND YOU, you can’t click him due to your character being in the way. You should make is so that if someone/something goes behind the Silencer, he drops to 50% opaque and you can click the person that is about to call the cops.

While this is a fun game, the subject matter, sounds, and small graphics make it disturbing. Even though the graphics aren’t that big, the pushing down and sudden screams of small children is enough give anyone goose bumps. One major disturbing thing in this game is that if you play it right, you’re pretty much invincible. Another thing that makes it disturbing is the Silencers, since they do exist, except they call them by a different name: lawyers. So the subject matter alone, and the fact that you went into great detail about it, drops some of your points.

I can’t recommend this for everyone, but if you like dark humor this is for you.

Good job, but damn that’s sick.
+Well designed interface (menu/scroll ability during the game)
-Gross sounds and the pitch they are at! (too loud/sounds/graphics)
-SUPER SICK! (story/plot)

Creepy and disturbing

But a lot of things on Newgrounds are. You'll notice that although people seem to find pedophilic priests disturbing and inappropriate for a flash, they don't seem to find the various other things on Newgrounds, like beating up senile and innocent old people, or brutally mass murdering large amounts of civilians bad or wrong.

Ignoring the creepiness of those priests and the setting of the game, the graphics are well made, and the sound can actually be considered funny. How do you make those sounds? Also, I don't see many other games with this kind of gameplay, so I think this is pretty unique. It gets slightly hectic yet repetitive, but this would be a good game if the setting and idea were, uh, something less repulsive. It's easy to see why people are disgusted by this game, but it's very original and well-made.

Just the idea ruined it.

This is just definetely too offensive to be funny or entertaining.

Didn't like it.


ehh kinda offensive

this stuff is happening all the time, we dont need to have flash made about it, sick preists. a little more humpy with the little kids and i would have blown the whistle. this game is way over the top. horrible controls and theres no point to it it was a huge waste of time.

Not as good as mcdonalds

which actually had a point to it. Still this is fairly amusing, if not a little hard to control and a little too strange.