Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Oh wow...

I gotta say, this was the most hillarious, and disturbing, game I've played on here yet. It was a riot trying to divert the attention from the 8-12 priests molesting children in broad day-light infront of parents, lmfao!

Wow that...

Thats disturbing on a huge level.

This game caught me off-guard, but after a while you start paying attention what happens and it just looks horrible as you concentrate on the little images and realizes wtf THEY ARE DOING!

I didnt read the first message in the menu i just clicked play ughhh...

Its kind of like seeing something far away but it looks wrong and you come up to it and now that you really see what it is you have the nasty feeling of horror.

I am all up for disturbing violence and horror but i think this was a bit much.

All i can say is this was well executed has great graphics and very smooth game play, however id like to see more games from you that are less controversial.

well made

lol doggystyle

Pretty Good

But also hard because i can hardly get past level 2

new stuff...

wow... never thought i would find this here, but neither the less, its pretty cool.
GOLDEN concept.