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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Why do Priests always screw choir boys?!

They work with girls too, don't they?

Anyway, as regards the game it was a very...unique experience. The gameplay involved using a very...umm...unique control system which felt fairly intuitive but was slightly cumbursome, but it certainly added depth to the game. The look of the game is heavily stylised and it does look great. The levels are quite large and detailed; although I didn't even realise at first that the 'medium' level expanded beyond what I could immediately see which meant that Priests were being arrested all over the place without me even knowing! The animation looks good and watching a Priest screw a child is actually quite funny when coupled with the sound effects!

All in all, I thought it was funny and original. I liked it...you pervert!


Heh, Catch that with the scores? Take a look.

Anyway, interesting gameplay there albeit very wrong on so many levels, it's also mildly funny and the strategy to the game is interesting as well.

But remember, Rape is bad, M'kay?


The game idea was pretty good... however, I really think you should take the child abuse issue with less hilarity. That said, you have your right to mock the church´s stupid, mindless position regarding childabuse comitted by their priests.
As for the game, I really think you should "hotkey" silencers, It was kind of hard to get from one side of the screen to the other (on hard mode).
Nice game, controversial subject.

Good Effort

The game idea was great. The gameplay was ok. I think the game should of have a different way to play but thats just me.

it was alrit

good graphics and it was an overall pretty funny idea it was just kinda boring