Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

wow.. complicated

lol funny and good idea .. but the gameplay is complicated and not very addictive


umm 4 those who r easily offended its just a game take it easy it means no harm really anyway besides that i couldnt actually understand how 2 play the game but hey i didnt read the instructions so go figure

stereotypes arnt born there made

i am cathlic and I know that i will probably recive some fire from other cathlics about my review but i dont care(technecal data last sorry for using space)the child molesting priest issue is based on real evedince and conterary to other peoples revews complaining about it bieng offensive rather than actuly acnoliging that it is happing is not going to make this problem dissapear. as a cathlic I think we need to crack down on this issue and stop it. this is not the first joke made about the subject.

game is slightly complicated.

Good Idea, But Not As Good as It Could...

The idea was fun but to be honest I didn't find it funny at all. Make a second one with some real comedy about it and it could become an addictive game.

Chaos anyone?

The idea itself was good, but it was too chaotic and it became impossible to keep up with everything after a while. Pretty frustrating game.