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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Kinda of gross

It was a sick humor, but still intensely funny. I liked all of the add ins like abducting the priests.


Excellent work. Not only are you shocking people into understanding the serious and far-reaching arm that the church has in these cases, you're doing it in an exceedingly polished form. Very well done.


That should throw a cat amongst the pigeons! Heh heh, for all the "good" religion CAN do, it's SO MUCH MORE WORSE, so fuck all religion. If it were abolished, many of the world's bullshit would DISAPPEAR FOREVER!

Like another bloke said "5 every day for about.... the next 3 weeks"

Sick humour..decent game

It was a decent game but I felt like throwing up simply because of the subject matter and how I'm supposedly playing the part of silencers helping pedophiles. If you could make games without such a disturbing storyline I'm sure you'd get higher reviews.


The plot of the game was great, and the game play was amazing.

My new favorite on newgrounds!