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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"


well i would just like to say that if priests are really rapeing children, its not a funny matter,
and a large number of people should not be judged by what few do.

i did not find this game to be funny in any way, but it was a well made game that approached a certain situation in a humerus way and deserves an 6.


I only wish this game could be seen by more people. It is a perfect example of gaming being used to illustrate the world in a comical and revealing way. Not to mention it is an awesome game, too.

Sick but oh so true

First of all, I don't like making fun of any religion catholic, protestant, muslim, jewish, or other. That being said, its important to understand that this is not making fun of the catholic church directly, but rather their tendency to cover up pedophelia within the ranks of their priests. While the game is kinda sick (you're helping these guys get away with raping little kids) its political satire at its best. Hopefully this is a trend, where video games are becoming a new form of exposition and protest. But, uhh, next time could you choose something that's not so... disgusting.

Is good but too short

And not only catholics, all religions with not exception only were made for deceiving people, taking their money, make them obey like mindless zombies, and of course rape innocent children.


the person who posted before me stfu u shit face im a catholic too its just a fuckin game you douche. the game was crafted and put together nicely