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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

Just the idea ruined it.

This is just definetely too offensive to be funny or entertaining.

Didn't like it.


I understand the point of this game is to make fun

but this game really wasn't fun at all. What's the point of a game if not to have fun ? Sure it has a good point but it's boring as hell! Good idea, good story,, bad execution

ehh kinda offensive

this stuff is happening all the time, we dont need to have flash made about it, sick preists. a little more humpy with the little kids and i would have blown the whistle. this game is way over the top. horrible controls and theres no point to it it was a huge waste of time.

Ok ok

Graphics are great. But it is seriously NOT fun to see little kids getting abused. I hope the admins of the site take action. I understand that the topic is taboo and about some you can make jokes but what happens to the kid has serious if not fatal consequenses for the rest of his life.

This should not be taken lightly and such things are not to laugh about.
On the other side i can see this as a comment upon religious abuse and a couple of sick priests. But i still think its a very sad thing you made this.


i, as a catholic find this submission offensive.i Know that some priests do rape children but the thought of somone acually taking this and making a game out of it is just terribale...i did play the game for abit and found that the sounds and graphics are done resonably well.the interativityis also ok...if i wasn't offended by the topic of this game i would have given this game a decent over all rating.also for all of those who find this funny, wtf is going on in your head.you must find it funny that children get raped,what if you got raped as a child? then maybe you might not find it as humorous.