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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

lmao good game! original in my opinion

i love everything. plot, screams of little kiddies, horny old men priests, intimidators.
the only problem that i have is taht in the medium level, the screen scrolls to the left and right. ok...its kind of hard to decipher which adult is schocked and heading towards the fone and those which are just roaming, since the screen is somewhere else and i dont get to see their faces all shocked and stuff. then again, i guess thats what makes the level not easy. and scrolling the mouse over everyone just to see 'status: schocked' is kind of time consuming cuz by then the police come on the other screen and bust a priest. kind of sad too taht you cant rescue a priest while hes just standing there with his hands in the air...*bad thoughts*
otherwise good game dude

Sick, digusting, but its only a game

I actually did find it fun (to my horror) but the whole idea is just a lil twisted. Now I liked the idea the game minus helping Preists molest kids, the animation was excellent, the sound was f-in awesome, there wasnt much violence, it has good interactivity, and the humor is very dark.

I hope in the future if you choose to make something like this again you prevent the kids from being molested instead of allowing them too though good luck to you none the less.

It was ok

It was kind of boring all you could do was use the silencers

and it was too easy i never even got a priest arrested


helping preists molest kids? genius. that was a great idea dude. the next 2 levels were a little hard but i beat them. fukin hilarious game dude. keep it up

On issues of the day!

Wow, that was one wierd idea, though if i got it right it was very well done sarcasm!