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Reviews for "operation: pedopriest"

You got ball's man

Big, titanium ball's !

5 every day for the next, lets say, 3 weeks...

great job


That was a fun game. I lost in two seconds the first time I played but thats cause all the adults were in one room with a priest and a kid and a phone! The whole priests molesting kids thing IS pretty old news but it still made a fun game. The sound effects were REALLY disturbing though

kinda old news, isn't it.....

we all knew about these scandals before. it is a cool idea to make a game on it, but you made the AI really dumb; a priest was doin one of the kids right in front of a cop and the cop did nothing. really good gameplay however, and also i compliment on the size of the levels you made. I cant even pass medium.

pretty sick of you to make this however.........


ever so sick and wrong.... :P
for something like this,kinda game (no not the pedo stuff...) like point and click,2d i'd usually say it's definately not the best,but this turned out pretty...fun! the sounds good,and although I started twitching when I saw a priest dogging a kid,I laughed a few times after. Style,is good but I just dont like these kind of games,liked the graphics though....you nasty nasty man,you gave a pedo priest the name "father ted" :'(


Uhh. That was kinda weird. XD; Fun to mess around with the silencer-men, but reeeeally weird. It kinda shocked me when the little children were like: "AAAAAAAH" XD