Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


It's cool to see someone who actualy makes an effort here. The art is really good in a general fashion, I just don't like the how the mutants look. They have no mouths and most of them have an agressive colour of skin and I find them all very ugly. This kinda brings the whole thing down for me cuz I don't like him. Animation is good but sometimes to slow, like during the fighting scene. I'd also like to point out the excessivness of the graphic violence but, this is newgrounds and people here like.

Overall, great work but, I dunno, maybe add something to the plot so that the mutants don't look so bad?

Gi-go responds:

Sorry you dont like them, but I kind of wanted it to be that way.

I want people to sympathize creature made to kill.

I'll work on speeding things up.



Dude that was amazing! Keep it up! 10/10


I loved it it was flawless. graphics were great another great movie form you can't wait ti'll file 3 comes out


- Shawn

Gi-go responds:


It'll be a long one!

loved it

wow great moive loved it good job


great flash m8