Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

Incredible Visuals!! A Must See!

These are the best Graphics I have ever seen in a flash movie, crystal clear scenes, sharp crisp people, weapons, and backgrounds, and a interesting story which will keep you interested for a long time. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't mind a little, no a ton! of gore, violence, and slightly disturbing images! But thats would makes this a compelling story, the character does not take his talking up his enemies he takes aim and fires before he even knows what he is doing. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS, I have not been this impressed since Madness Interactive!

Gi-go responds:

Wow, thank you so much!

It makes me really want to keep this series up when I read reviews like this!

Great Potential

Your movies are a decent length long and contain very good graphics and blurs and so on. One thing i though was odd was that at the end of file 1 he said "I wont do it again (meaning he wont kill anyone again)" but then he goes and kills a load more people when really he could of neutralized them without killing.
That was a small plot fault and the last problem was how he ran. It looked quite odd and you should work on it. Its best to look in a mirror and do whatever action and then you can copy how you did it. Many lip-syncers do this and copy what shape their mouth is.

Otherwise it was a great movie better than the first one. Don't ignore this advice as others think they are still quite good from other reviews and then realise in later movies that no-one likes it because they havent improved. This could prove a great series. Good work and Good luck.

Gi-go responds:

I'll explain that more next time, I meant it as in he wouldnt kill innocent people for no reason again. He was taught only to kill bad people, and then he find the people he works for the be bad people.

I take all the advice given to me into consideration, and I appriciate it, so thanks!


First one was kind of short, just didnt like that this one wasnt much longer

nj though good series and gl in the future

Gi-go responds:

Fo serious?

File 1- 4 minutes
File 2- 6 minutes

Theyre like so much longer than 95% of movies on here.

A little help for you.

Well first when Gi-go ran at the three, you might have wanted his legs to rise up a bit higher and apart to make him look like he's really running. His arms were flailing right but his legs were taking baby steps.

Another thing is when he grabbed the head of the brown guy and ripped it off, it would have come off more likely if his foot planted on the guy's chest pushed on the wall, with hands pulling them back while foot pushing body.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I like the foot on the body idea. I should have done those.

Be around sooner next time =P


you done it again *****

it's termites comin out of the woodwork and it keeps getting better....even File1