Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

Very well done

But I'm sure you've gotten that alot so I'll give you some constructive critisism. Your running animation on Gi-go could use some work, it didn't look like he was running at the guys so much as... I don't know... gliding kinda. ... ... Actually that's all I can think of really, excellent movie, I'll be waiting for the rest. Keep it up!

Gi-go responds:

Yeah, I'll be sure to work on that.


Awesome stuff...

Gi-go looks like he does Muay Thai boxing, and damn good at it, lol.

Gi-go responds:

Haha yeah, I've been into muay thai for a couple of years, so Gi-go has it too =)



I haven't seen anything so impressive in a long time. The only bad part was the fighting moves.


its ok but you really need improvent because you use tween and it lookes bad with tweens next gi-go file dont get tween lazy -_-*

4/5 YK-Blaze


the gi-go chips was dam dumb-funny but how could he eat?? telephaty? haha and why Gi? and there suits sorta looked like snake's and why didnt the other "GI'S" fight? or rebel? or why gi-go is better than ichi wont they trained and the same level?

Gi-go responds:

Haha, he used to have mouth back in the day.

The suits were heavily influenced by metal gear.

Gi-Ichi was just the only one around, but youll see more of the other 3 in the next files.

Thank you (I love these kind of reviews)