Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


I thought your beginning was good. The voice acting wasn't the greatest, but hey, I give you credit for your attempt. Your music and sounds were done well, as were your graphics. Overall, I'd say nine.
I await your next movie :)

Gi-go responds:

Thanks alot

Its in the works!


purdy nice. and watching the elbow attacks gave me the lol's.

Gi-go responds:

Haha I had to add some Ong-Baks in there. You know I would have to eventually. I hope your new movie comes out soon.


Daily 3rd Place?

This should've gotten daily 1st place... this was so good! Graphics were great but you could have some animation practice. I have not seen a Flash that actually keeps me going and interested like a Flash you made right here!

Did you use Photoshop for a few graphics?



Can't wait for the sequel but take your time!

-Review Request Club

Gi-go responds:


Yeah, I used photoshop for every background.


That was cool, I'm adding it to favorites. The graphics were nothing from great, and, just wow. It has a great story line, all the talking seems to work well. I mean, even for 8 months this is still a great peice. It sucks locks put it down, but it is really good.

Gi-go responds:

Thanks man, I wish they didnt, but oh well...


really good flash now let me explain each of the rates i gave you
graphics: they are good but you can improve specially when he runs his arms really don'd look well but don't think i want perfection but you do can improve
the style was great i'll love to se the next one the sound really fit the movie the violence was exactly the necesary because you just didn't focused on making a complete violence movie where everything is violence without sence and this makes this flash a excellent one

Gi-go responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll try to work on the running cycle.