Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

Better than the rest

Y'know the first movie was great, so was this one. But the movements of things looked a bit sloppy, well you said next episode your really gonna give it your all. Look mate, you really have potential to be recognized not just by NewGrounders but maybe bigger and better things. The animation you do is definitely one of the epic ones NG has.

You got the animation slam dunked, just work on the sound and movements I would say, the sounds sound like their coming from a muffled person. Its all kinda blurry and not that easily understood. But other than that this movie is epic.

Gi-go responds:

Thanks alot, I do need to work on those things.

Thanks for the review


Another violent flash animation with a character trying to figure out something. The though of counting in japanese though...isn't "yon" four, not shi? You can still see some white on the car outline....try to fix that... and you should add more detail to some of the fight scenes, because some scenes look more....plain than the others.

well, anyway, good try.

Gi-go responds:

A violent movie of a character trying to figure something out? What are you going on about?

Shi is 4.

Well made movie.

The graphics and audio were well done and the plot is inventive, good job!

Gi-go responds:

Im glad you thought so!


not bad at all

I find this movie very interesting, but i have to say its kind of like rigid. I like this movie anyway because of its story. I think you have something that can be big, but can you work on the graphics and then it will be much better. I'm looking forward to that.

peace out!

Gi-go responds:

Hope so!

Thank you

It was...

It was quite catching, actually. Do mind the running, the physics, and try to make the sounds more intense. You may think you're lame when you're yelling in your microphone, but the result is way better. Just go nutsy.

What I find intregueing is the talent I see. You see, when I started watching Castle or Xombie, I saw no interesting or outstanding work, but just fine work. Good. Acceptable. I see that here too. Knowing that it's gonna end up a serie, you're set to become awesome, just like the annimator of both Xombie and Castle. (if you haven't seen 'em, check them out).

You've got some talent. Just keep working on the physics, and really, the castle physics are the best I've ever seen. If you want some inspiration, check out castle 2 or any of the parts of 3. Good work, looking forward to Gi-go 3 =)

Gi-go responds:

Thanks alot for finding potential in my movie.

Its a compliment to compare me to James Farr. I just did the first 2 episodes with minor animation to see if it would work on here. It looks like it will, so I'll put everything ive got into File 3.